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Welcome to Starkwood

The Managing Directors of Starkwood joined together in 2009 to acquire and redevelop distressed residential and multi-family properties in areas of California hit hardest by the collapse of the housing market. By capitalizing on our team's ability to identify value-add opportunities, and quickly convert distressed properties into income producing assets, Starkwood has generated exceptional returns.

We oversee the acquisition, development, marketing and management process for a consistently expanding portfolio. With industry-leading returns, the company's track record has proven the success of its business model.

While many competitors have attempted to emulate Starkwood's business model, the company retains a competitive advantage due to its early entrance into its target market, prior to the influx of most institutional investors. Starkwood has formed relationships with a multitude of industry leaders, including brokers, asset managers, and investors, who value Starkwood's track record of successfully purchasing distressed properties.