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Investor Relations

Starkwood Inc. is expanding its business through increasing relations with investors and real estate professionals. We encourage principal participation of passive investors for the purchase, development, and management of commercial and residential real estate.

Our goal is to provide a platform for investors to diversify their portfolios, while achieving their investment objectives. Our investments are geared towards funds, trusts, and high net worth individuals with $5 million or more in investable assets.

At Starkwood, we focus on the acquisition of commercial real estate with an emphasis on the multi-family sector. After the downturn of 2008 the majority of our transactions involved distressed and/or bank owned assets. We have successfully implemented development projects involving both "from the ground up" construction as well as substantial renovation programs. Starkwood has a consistent record of maximizing values and outperforming industry averages by applying its deep reservoir of judgement, talent and capital.


Investors are able to participate in several capacities:
  • Syndication of individual assets or pools of similar assets managed by Starkwood
  • Joint Venture development projects
  • Short term private money loans
  • These investment vehicles are recommended after an in-depth analysis of an investor's return requirement, risk tolerance, long and short term goals, and how they fit into the investor's overall financial profile.


Starkwood is well positioned to capitalize on a wide array of opportunities in the real estate market. Leveraging our expertise, we have acquired several hundred properties at below replacement cost which are providing favorable, lower risk returns for our investors and partners.